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OMCON is the platform for multilingual communications
Communicate in any language with our artificial intelligence or INTERPETER's invisible access feature
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  • 40 minutes
  • 5 persons
  • AI interpretation
  • Screen demonstration
  • Chat
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  • 1 000 minutes
  • 10 000 persons
  • AI and live interpretation
  • Screen demonstration
  • Chat
  • Meeting recording
  • Personal manager
Additional features of OMCON Video
  • Webinar
    The webinar function allows you to hold an event and not worry that someone will turn on the microphone during the speaker's speech.
  • Live interpreters
    Invisible access of live interpreters to your meeting. You can use your interpreters or use our pool of 4,500 interpreters.
  • AI interpretation
    Simultaneous interpretation using artificial intelligence with a delay of 4 seconds.
  • Voice synthesis
    Train our artificial intelligence in your voice and foreign listeners will hear your original sound in their language.
Organization of simultaneous interpretation for offline events has never been so convenient
Online simultaneous interpretation system
Forget about classic equipment, its rental and installation
Our online simultaneous interpretation system is already used by more than 600 clients all over the world
  • Hourly pay
    You only pay for the time you need an interpretation.
  • Access
    Access for listeners by QR code, conference code or email address.
  • 10 minutes
    Online simultaneous interpretation platform is ready to use in 10 minutes.
  • Interpreters
    You can invite your own translators or choose from our pool of over 4500 professionals.
  • Branding
    Listeners will be sure that they are listening to the right conference or room.
  • AI
    Text subtitles in the selected language using artificial intelligence for those who want to hear the original speech.
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